Every Texas divorce benefits from a tailored, focused legal strategy

Aug 6, 2019

So you’re a Texas resident getting a divorce.

Take a breath. And validate your fears and concerns about the process by acknowledging them.

That’s a necessary start for many divorcing parties, given that marital dissolution truly is a big deal. In fact, we readily concede at The Rainwater Firm in Houston that divorce is a seminal and even “life-altering event” for legions of impending former spouses. The deep legal team at our family law firm knows that it routinely transforms life in material ways for our diverse and valued clients.

Our proven and empathetic attorneys know this, too: Although divorce certainly spawns challenges in many instances, it also underscores growth and future opportunity for many soon-to-be exes. We note on our website that a marital split is often “just the beginning of a new path” that can be bright with possibilities.

It is the job – and, indeed, the calling – of a focused and compassionate divorce attorney to provide honest and tailored legal representation that seeks to promote the best interests of clients in every case.

That advocacy will necessarily shun a cookie-cutter approach for addressing and resolving issues. Families are organic, and family law concerns are flatly unique in every instance.

What that broadly means is this: Some divorces are sufficiently civil and cooperative to be pursued via a litigation-alternative approach such as mediation, while others are so replete with acrimony that they can only be settled under the direct oversight of a judge. Some dissolutions stress child-centric concerns (e.g., custody and support), while others are focused heavily on accumulated assets and property division. And many divorces, of course, address a number of interrelated concerns.

Marriage termination truly does spell both an ending and a new beginning for affected parties. An experienced legal team with a demonstrated history of strong client advocacy can help its clients gain traction and empowerment as they embark on a new post-divorce path.

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