We meet really good people at a really bad time.

Facing a divorce or choosing to file for divorce is a life-altering event. It can affect every aspect of your life. It can change relationships with friends and family and how you parent or spend time with your children.

A divorce may provide relief from marital strife, but it can greatly impact your finances, living situation and emotional well-being. Many people do not realize that the day you file for divorce is just the beginning of a new path forward. An experienced attorney with a high-touch approach and a client-focused team on your side is critical to a positive outcome.

We are here to help you understand the various legal aspects of divorce:

  • How to initiate the filing for divorce
  • How debts and property division may affect you
  • Options for receiving spousal maintenance
  • Calculating child support obligations
  • Presenting your child custody case before the court
  • Parenting plans for effective co-parenting and visitation

We specialize in high net worth…

Our team has experience helping clients with high net worth property divisions and managing adversarial contested Texas divorce cases. We have deep experience in complex real estate holdings, multi-generational trusts/assets, multi-tiered retirement accounts, and forensic accounting.

…and high-conflict situations.

During family law cases, the other side may become hostile. We understand how difficult high-conflict proceedings may be for you and your family. We do not back down from negative and aggressive behavior. Our team has vast experience with high-conflict cases and combative opposing parties.

Safeguard Your Finances And Parental Rights

There are many issues to work through when you are getting divorced. This is especially true if you and your spouse own substantial assets and have children together. Our firm has the experience necessary to help you protect your rights for the long haul. We pay attention to every detail so you will be able to rely on the terms of your divorce for years to come.

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