Understanding Divorce in Texas

Facing a divorce or choosing to file for divorce is a life-altering event. It can affect every aspect of your life. It can change relationships with friends and family and how you parent or spend time with your children.

A divorce may provide relief from marital strife, but it can greatly impact your finances, living situation and emotional well-being. Many people do not realize that the day you file for divorce is just the beginning of a new path forward. An experienced attorney with a high-touch approach and a hyper focused team on your side are critical to a positive outcome.

Finding a Foundation for Your Path Forward

You do not have to face a divorce alone. The Rainwater Firm approaches every client and situation with compassion, honesty and a strategized path forward that keeps your best interests in mind.

Founding attorney, Charlotte Rainwater, has over 20 years of experience and is board-certified in family law. The team at The Rainwater Firm will work to help guide you through the divorce process and will advise you on a plan for your post-divorce life.

We Are Available to Advise You

We are here to help you understand the various legal aspects of divorce:

  • How to initiate the filing for divorce
  • How debts and property division may affect you
  • Options for receiving spousal maintenance
  • Calculating child support obligations
  • Presenting your child custody case before the court
  • Parenting plans for effective co-parenting and visitation

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High Net Worth and High-Conflict Divorce

We specialize in high net worth and high-conflict situations. Our team has experience helping clients with high net worth property divisions and managing adversarial contested Texas divorce cases. We do not back down from high-conflict situations and will zealously advocate for a positive outcome for you and your family.

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