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Here’s a demographic that is solidly embracing prenuptial agreements

Chances are you’re predisposed against prenuptial agreements if you’re a member of the baby boomer generation. Many individuals – both single persons and married partners – say they disfavor such contracts because they dampen romantic ardor and put an unwanted focus on divorce-linked risks.

That view, while still being common among the boomer demographic, is far from unanimous these days, though.

Things that often happen before Texas couples get divorced

Do you ever wonder if other spouses have gone through similar experiences as you try to navigate the problems in your own marriage? It's logical to assume that the answer to that question would be, "Yes," as many Texas spouses can relate to the ups and downs the average married couple often encounters in their relationship.

Many Texas spouses can also relate to each other regarding certain problem issues that arise just before one or the other spouse files for divorce. If things have been growing increasingly contentious or even hostile in your marriage, you might find that the issues mentioned in this article are eerily familiar to what you've been going through. It's helpful to talk to someone who understands your plight. It's also helpful to know where to seek support if divorce is looming in your near future.

Do you want more information about prenuptial agreements?

In recent years, the stigma associated with prenuptial agreements has begun to disappear. Couples across the country and here in Texas no longer view them as unromantic or "tempting fate." Instead, they are making their decisions based on practicality and the reality that the possibility of the marriage ending is real regardless of how they feel about each other now.

Moreover, couples tend to take the idiom that it's "better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best" to heart. Perhaps part of this new attitude comes from the fact that people marry older or remarry quite a bit these days. They already have their own assets that they want to protect in the event of a divorce. If you agree with these contentions, you may be looking for more information about these agreements.

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