Mediation may Help Your Family Law Case

The Rainwater Firm in Houston can assist with mediation and other conflict resolution techniques in your case. Mediation can help you and your spouse resolve issues on your own timeline and keep the power to shape the outcome of your case in your hands. We will work with you to determine the best resolution for your situation.

Our team will help you create the best plan to bring to your judge. We will guide you through family law mediation and negotiation processes to resolve matters such as:

Collaborative Law (Client-Driven Divorce or Separation)

If you are interested in staying out of court and working collaboratively with your spouse, we can help you through the collaborative law process to resolve your family law matter.

We are trained in collaborative law and will skillfully negotiate on your behalf. The collaborative law approach is an option when both parties commit to the process. For this to work, you both need to agree that the case can be settled outside of the Texas court system.

This process usually feels like an extended negotiation session with a variety of meetings involving both spouses and attorneys. We will work to help you resolve your divorce or separation with respect for both parties. We will ensure that you understand and feel at ease with your divorce or separation.

Does Mediation or Collaborative Law Sound Right for You?

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